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The Police was established under the supplementary conversion of Oslo Agreement, particularly the Cairo Convention in 1994.It was established to take over the tasks to maintain safety and order in the palestinian society.Palestinian Civil Police is a civil disciplinarian body formed by a presedential decree,trained especially to maintain security ,law enforcment and implemetation of orders maintain security for peopl's possessions ,honor,freedom and personal safety .The Chief of Police undertake all the authorities under The Sponsorship Of the Ministry of Interior.
The vision of Palestinian Civil Police represents in a powerful police force ensuring people's security and safety, worth of trust, and active partner in building a state of law. Its mission is working under the power of law to maintain safety and security of Palestinian society with professionalism, excellence and full preservation of Human Rights. It works in a legal way to maintain the rule of law, and able to offer many effective police services that meet the needs of the community efficiently and professionally .In addition to its ability to manage the human and financial resources efficiently and professionally.
The police strategic goals represents in building and advancing the abilities of the Palestinian Civil Police ,providing safety and security to society and environment , combating the crimes and maintaining the rule of law.


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